The talented Italian designer Raffaele Stella Brienza is the creative director of a famous fashion brand and a finalist of the international contest Who is On Next? 2015. Based in Florence, since 2013 he has designed and created a collection of hand-sewn bow-ties called “Mani del Sud” (Hands of the South), as a means to promote “Made in Italy” and his region of origin, Basilicata.

“Mani del Sud springs out of a dream, the dream to share the memories and traditions of my land of origin through creativity”

A vision projecting the culture of Southern Italy to modernity and to the contemporary design. Strong contrasts shape the style of Mani del Sud, turning a traditional element, the bow-tie, into a unique, signature piece.

“A symbol of contemporary transformation, recalling my personal itinerary from home to Florence, and from Florence to all over the world, and once again harmonizing tradition and contemporaneity”

Mani del Sud bow-ties are completely handmade in Italy. Using cotton or wool ribbons or technical fabric, overlying like in a sophisticated origami or beautified by handmade filigrees and lace works, they create colorful, contrasting asymmetries. A play of palettes and eccentric decors, that makes them unique and immediately recognizable.

Along with a capsule collection of innovative bowties, Italian Affair presents a collection of exclusive backpacks, also entirely handcrafted in Italy, featuring an innovative geometric design and prime quality leather.

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