Meraky produces unique pieces with artisanal techniques using non-recyclable materials, for an environment-conscious audience who appreciates style and craftsmanship, as values of the Italian culture.

The name Meraky comes from the Greek meraki : “to do something with passion, creativity and soul”.  Their philosophy is the transformation of unusual materials and objects into refined products, finding the soul in the things around us and giving them a new life and purpose.

Everything changes and nothing remains still (Heraclitus)

The result is high quality women accessories “Made in Italy with soul” created with artisanal know-how and passion in respect for the environment, using non-recyclable materials and reducing waste at all stages of production.

Italian Affair is proud to introduce  The Aroma Collection  , with four innovative models in different colors and styles, hand made to order in Italy from… coffee bags! Using creativity, passion and artisanal skills, Meraky turns a non-recyclable object into a stylish bag, combining ethics with aesthetics.

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