Made In Italy With Love


I am going to tell you a story. It is about Passion, Beauty and Italy.

There’s something special about Italian products and the label Made in Italy is worldwide recognized and synonymous with Quality. I’ve always wondered why.

I went on a journey through Italy, visited charming places, met known designers and emerging talents and they shared their secret with me. It’s all in the Story. And it’s a Love story.

Italian artisanal products are made by the hands of talented master craftsmen using techniques passed down for generations. It’s not just fashion, it’s ART.

In the Italian culture, there is a strong sense of pride that comes with the artisan trade: it’s long hard work, meaningful family traditions and a passion to create something that is unique and of the highest quality.

Ultimately, it is Love for what they do, coz’ only with Love you can create something beautiful. That is what is behind the Made in Italy label.

Follow me on this journey. If you Love to.

Sabrina Fonti
Italian Affair Founder



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