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Italian Affair FZE is a directional fashion online boutique founded in Dubai in 2017. It sources, promotes and sells high-end lifestyle items designed and made in Italy to consumers in the Arabian Peninsula.

Following a Made-In-Italy-Only concept, we collaborate with designers from Italy and conceptualize their luxury collections of accessories, shoes and clothing. Only the pieces that are handcrafted in Italy, made-to-order, of the highest quality, customizable, produced in limited editions and with a story to tell, make it to our assortment.

Exclusivity: we offer a selection of unique pieces that you can’t find anywhere else in the market.
Individuality: we let you customize these pieces making them a one-of-a-kind.
Storytelling: we don’t just show you these pieces, we tell you the story behind, the inspiration, the designer and the place where they are created with love.
Lifestyle: we give you a glimpse of what Italy is, its culture, its traditions, its people.

Designed and created for a fine lady and a sophisticated gentleman who want exclusive products of high value and who are inspired by the beauty of the Italian lifestyle.

Italian Affair finds its inspiration in its roots, namely Italy. Behind such a genuine Italian and stylish concept, there couldn’t be but an Italian woman with a background in fashion and in love with Beauty & La Dolce Vita. Based in Dubai, the founder felt the need to bring the true Italian Lifestyle to Dubai.
Following her on a virtual style journey through Italy, we can literally buy in Florence, Rome, Capri, Sicily, Milan, as well as in typical Italian villages that are unknown to the mainstream shopper. And by inviting us on her odyssey, she tells us about the designers and enables us to ‘be’ in the places where Beauty becomes high fashion.

Welcome to Italy 



As I entered the bustling cafe, I immediately felt looks of admiration. An elegantly dressed woman stood up, came up to me and, pointing at my bag, asked where she could buy it… It was a unique piece, designed and handcrafted for me by an artisan in an Italian village. It had no brand and I was the only girl in the world to have it. That moment is the beginning of the story of Italian Affair.

“Your Style is Your Story”

Born In Italy where looking good is an art form, I believe that style is the expression of who you are. Style comes from inside and is unique, just as you are. If I would wear the same bag or the same shoes as thousands of other people, doesn’t matter how expensive, I would still feel ordinary and simply one of them. But wearing ‘my’ bag, made me feel unique. The moment I saw it, I fell in love with it. And just like in every love story there is a sense of fit, only you can be the judge of what your style is, ‘cos in the end your story is unique. 

I want to show you something you too can fall in love with. And who knows, maybe one day somebody will stop you and ask you about it…

Sabrina Fonti

Italian Affair Founder



The website “www.italianaffair.ae” is owned and managed by Italian Affair FZE, a company registered in the UAE (Fujairah Creative Tower, PO Box 4422, Fujairah) with licence n. 10442/2017. Email: info@italianaffair.ae, Phone: +971508782513

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